From zdndrp to effenix, that’s one small step for… no, let’s not go there. It’s not even a small step. It’s just a name change. It’s more like a symbolic step. From the company that I used to be, to the person that I always was. Doing the things that I always did. Programming, teaching. I am just slightly re-focusing.


Teaching Java has been my main occupation for over 20 years. It was fun. I’ve learned a lot (and hopefully, so have my students). In addition, I’ve developed some Mac applications and apps for the iPad. For clients, for myself, for users. As far as I’m concerned, iPad app development is now going to be my main occupation. The reasons: iPad software development is fun! And: Swift!

The programming language shift made by Apple, from Objective-C to Swift, has made macOS and iOS development exciting again. So, I’m now using both Java and Swift. Comparing Java to Swift has two sides, like a medal. The front side: Java is powerful. It is “easy” to use and has a huge eco-system. Swift isn’t there yet. The back side: Java is ageing. Yes, they’re doing a tremendous job keeping Java up-to-date while at the same time keeping it backward compatible. Evolution is hard, and I truly admire the way they’re succeeding in that. But sometimes, every now and then, we need a revolution. That’s what Apple is good at, and that’s why they introduced Swift: never mind the past, we’re heading forward!

And that’s what I’m planning to do: heading forward. Having fun, playing with Swift, developing the odd app. Within the limitations of a one-man band. My band!