Software development for macOS, iOS and Java

Since the year the Mac was born I have been developing software for Apple Macintosh. And, also since it’s been available, I’ve extended that to iOS (iPad and iPhone) and tvOS (Apple TV).

On the server side I use Java and related technologies for developing web applications and back ends for mobile applications.

I have built macOS, iOS and Java applications for many customers for in-house and commercial use. For larger projects, or when additional expertise is required, I call on the assistance of other professional developers and designers.

Welcome back

From zdndrp to effenix, that's one small step for... no, let's not go there. It's not even a small step. It's just a name change. It's more like a symbolic step. From the company that I used to be, to the person that I always was. Doing the things that I always did. Programming, teaching. I am just slightly re-focusing.

Products for iOS and Mac

Some of my macOS and iOS apps are available in Apple’s App store. In-between teaching and developing apps for clients, I produce my own apps. Most recently: Communicado.

Developer training

What I do is what I teach. You can build upon my extensive experience with developing software for Java, iOS and macOS by taking a course.

I teach Java courses for Oracle University and Fast Lane; the macOS and iOS development courses are my own creations.