Software development for iPadOS, iOS and macOS

Since the year the Mac was born I have been developing software for Apple Macintosh. And, also since it’s been available, I’ve extended that to iOS (iPad and iPhone) and tvOS (Apple TV).

On the server side I use Swift for developing web applications and back-ends for mobile applications.

I have built macOS and iOS applications for many customers for in-house and commercial use. For larger projects, or when additional expertise is required, I call on the assistance of other professional developers and designers.

Goodbye, Java

I've made a decision: no more teaching Java. It was easy: I woke up one Sunday morning and I just knew it: next week was going to be my final class. I was lucky - it was a great class. The students were nice, they were clever, they were eager to learn Java. And I was in good shape as well. It left behind a very positive feeling about teaching Java. I couldn't have imagined a better way to go.


Some of my macOS and iOS apps are available in Apple’s App store. In-between teaching and developing apps for clients, I produce my own apps. Most recently: Communicado.

Who am I?

My name is Fred Zuijdendorp. I’m living in Utrecht, The Netherlands, in a building from 1875. I have been a software developer ever since 1975. That’s a long time – how long can one stay active in this profession? Ask me again in 2075. I’ll keep on doing this as long as it’s fun and as long as I can keep up with the many changes in this profession. Actually, without these changes it would be boring.

In the past I was employed by the University of Amsterdam and by Apple. Two very different cultures, believe me. I’m happy to have been part of both. Since 1988, however, I’m enjoying my freedom being self-employed. I operated under different names: FMX software (me and a few colleagues), zdndrp (just me) and now effenix (still me). But it’s all the same. Me, practicing and (well, no longer) teaching software development.