Software development for “everything Apple”

I’m a software developer specializing in Apple products. My favorite platform used to be the Mac, but I think the iPad is now winning. I’ve done lots of development for others, but nowadays I’m focusing on my own apps.


Since the year the Mac was born (1984), I have been developing software for it. And since they became available, I’ve been developing apps for iPad and iPhone.

For server applications I use Swift and Vapor, mostly for back-ends for mobile applications.

I have built macOS and iOS applications for many customers, both for in-house and for commercial use.

For larger projects, or when additional expertise is required, I call on the assistance of other professional developers and designers.


Some of my macOS and iOS apps are available in Apple’s App store. In-between teaching and developing apps for clients, I produce my own apps.

Most recently: Communicado.


Hello Hugo, goodbye WordPress

As it seems, the whole effeniX journey is about becoming more independent, and about losing weight. Well, I’ve taken one more step to reach those goals. I’ve axed WordPress.

From now on, my websites will be static and generated by Hugo.
Welcome to the future.

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