Software development for macOS, iOS and tvOS

Software development is my core business. I have many years (overflowing 5 bits) of experience with it, resulting in reliable and user-friendly applications.

I’ve created software products for large and small companies. In some cases products for in-house use, in other cases for commercial use by customers. For projects that are too big for a single person, or when additional expertise is required, I cooperate with other professionals.


I have been developing software for the Mac since the beginning, in 1984. I create products for large and small companies.

Some of these products are available commercially, others are for the customer’s internal use.

For all Mac development, I use the latest versions of Swift/Objective-C, Cocoa and Xcode


The iPhone and iPad are exciting platforms. Since their introduction I have been developing software for them. That includes apps for customers, and my own for the App Store.

To me, developing for iOS/iPadOS is a natural extension of developing software for the Mac.

These products are built on Cocoa Touch using Swift (preferably). Applications are either specific to iPhone or iPad, or are generic applications that run on all iOS/iPadOS devices.

I do not believe in multi-platform applications: native is the only way to go, as far as I’m concerned.


tvOS development can be easy, using JavaScript, or it can be powerful, using Swift. You choose.

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