For people with aphasia, saying what they’re thinking is a real problem. Communicado tries to offer some help. The user of Communicado can browse through categories of subjects, find the item he or she is thinking of, and just point to it. By pointing at successive items, the user can communicate with others.

When started for the first time, Communicado comes without any content. Initial content will have to be created, tailored to a specific user. It should contain all the categories and items that this user wants to communicate with others.

Available now as an app for your iPad.

Go to the Communicado site for more information, or directly to the App Store to buy it.


The human brain functions through associations. Even if you’ve forgotten something you can probably remember something else associated with it. That’s how you recall your memories.

Memorazzo works the same way. Store the things you want to remember in memos, and make associations by linking them to each other. You can recover your lost memories by following the links between memos.

Memorazzo was designed for the Apple iPad. It uses all the features that make the iPad unique. However, it was designed for the very first iPad. Things have changed, and so has the iPad. Memorazzo no longer functions well, so I deleted it from the App Store. For now!

There will be a new version of Memorazzo. 2020 2021 sounds like a good year for that (that’s all I can say right now).


With VivaFestival you always have the complete and up-to-date program of your festival at your fingertips. There is no need for endless browsing in program guides to find the acts you’re interested in. You’ve got better things to do during all those great festivals, don’t you!


  • Always the most current program, including the latest changes!
  • All the information at hand, including time, duration, genre, fees, minimum ages, etc
  • What, Where, When: browse the festival program by artists, location and time.
  • Select your favourite acts and create your personal festival guide.
  • Hop quickly from one festival location to another. Maps will guide you!
  • Easily switch between festivals, by tapping posters or selecting from a list of festivals.
  • Multilingual: if the festival offers information in several languages, VivaFestival will automatically select the default language of your device.


Wouldn’t it be nice if the iPad had as nice a clock function as the iPod and iPhone? Vogel’s introduces WallTimes, an app that transforms your iPad into a versatile clock that you can use at home, the office or on the road.

With WallTimes, you always know what time it is, not only in your time zone, but also in those of your friends and relatives elsewhere in the world. This way, you can easily pick an appropriate time to make a call, engage in a chat or FaceTime conversation.

Cooking with just one kitchen timer? Not with the versatile kitchen timer in WallTimes. Program up to five different timers and they will simultaneously and independently keep the correct cooking time for each dish. WallTimes shows the remaining time until each alarm is due. Thanks to the awesome icons, you know exactly which alarm is for which pan. Is the kitchen your workplace? Then, as chef, you now have one more reason to buy an iPad. WallTimes is for free!

Who wants to wake up at the same time every day? WallTimes has the smartest alarm for people who have a different wake-up time each day. Program it once and it will go off at the right time every day of the year. And at a glance, you can see all the configured alarms on all days of the week.


With this Professional photographers app you have access to all the data of all professional photographers who are members of the SVFN (The Society of Co-operating Professional Photographers in the Netherlands).

Wherever you are, your iPhone will show you the nearest SVFN professional photographer with all their essential data; address including map, telephone numbers, direct link to the website address, and the possibility to e-mail directly.

The professional photographers are divided into specialities, you can see a preview of the work of each SVFN professional photographer.

You can search on three criteria: closest to your iPhone, alphabetic order, and specialism.

You can also create a handy favourites list of your favourite SVFN professional photographers.