Apps that I created, available in the App Store

These apps are available now, in the past, or in the future. I’m publishing them under my previous company name zdndrp.


For people with aphasia, saying what they’re thinking is a real problem. Communicado tries to offer some help. The user of Communicado can browse through categories of subjects, find the item he or she is thinking of, and just point to it. By pointing at successive items, the user can communicate with others.

When started for the first time, Communicado comes without any content. Initial content will have to be created, tailored to a specific user. It should contain all the categories and items that this user wants to communicate with others.

Available now as an app for your iPad.

Go to the Communicado site for more information, or directly to the App Store to buy it.


The human brain functions through associations. Even if you’ve forgotten something you can probably remember something else associated with it. That’s how you recall your memories.

Memorazzo works the same way. Store the things you want to remember in memos, and make associations by linking them to each other. You can recover your lost memories by following the links between memos.

Memorazzo was designed for the Apple iPad. It uses all the features that make the iPad unique. However, it was designed for the very first iPad. Things have changed, and so has the iPad. Memorazzo didn’t adapt to those changes, so I deleted it from the App Store (it was available in the past).

I’m planning a new version of Memorazzo, so it might be available in the future again. The year 2021 sounds like a good year for that (but so does 2022).

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