9 Apr 2021

Hello, Communicado 2.0

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Version 2.0 of Communicado has been released. This is the iPad app I developed several years ago for people with aphasia. It was due for an upgrade. This version is a complete rewrite with a more modern look. For existing users the app will behave as before. It will just look slightly more, well, I think, beautiful. For editors of user content a couple of very useful features have been added.

18 Sep 2019

Goodbye, Java

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I've made a decision: no more teaching Java. It was easy: I woke up one Sunday morning and I just knew it: next week was going to be my final class. I was lucky - it was a great class. The students were nice, they were clever, they were eager to learn Java. And I was in good shape as well. It left behind a very positive feeling about teaching Java. I couldn't have imagined a better way to go.

2 May 2019

Welcome back

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From zdndrp to effenix, that's one small step for... no, let's not go there. It's not even a small step. It's just a name change. It's more like a symbolic step. From the company that I used to be, to the person that I always was. Doing the things that I always did. Programming, teaching. I am just slightly re-focusing.

13 Jan 2014


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Met stilstaan toch een stapje verder komen, dat was mijn eindejaarmotto. Even niks zeggen, even goed luisteren. En wat hoorde ik? Veel, maar niet alles was even mooi. Wat worden er veel onzinnen de wereld in gespuugd. Het hielp me aan een goed voornemen: niks zeggen als er niks te zeggen valt. Verwacht dus niet meer elke week een artikel. Of elk artikel een week.

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